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Flexi Tanks

There was a need in the Bulk liquid industry to introduce a more cost-effective mode of transportation than Isotanks, but at the same time to be able to fulfil similar requirements as the Isotank containers. Flexi tank is an alternative way to transport non-hazardous liquid products.

Some examples of cargo that is usually transported with Flexitanks are: food-based products, fruit juices, base oils, beer, wine, non-hazardous chemicals, bio-diesel, water, detergents, Glycerine, various lubricants etc.

Transnet uses reliable and tested flexi tanks fitted into 20’DVs by specially trained associates. The range of the suitable materials for flexi tanks is growing fast thanks to technology that enables the factories to produce durable and high-quality flexi tanks.


In comparison with IBC’s and drums, flexitanks are:

  • More cost efficient
  • Faster regarding the loading/unloading procedure
  • Better at keeping the product’s quality intact
  • More Eco-friendly
  • More profitable due to their ability of carrying bigger quantities

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