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Transnet S.A., was founded in 1998 by people with a long lasting experience in the field of international transports, custom brokerage and financial/technical consulting. Furthermore, it operates under the provisions and standards of ISO 9001:2015 and SQAS. Our experience and thorough knowledge in the market field ensure an excellent service, competitive prices and safety during the transportation of goods to our customers.

Sea, Road, Rail & Combined transports of bulk products


Tank Containers

Transnet S.A. owns and also manages a modern fleet of tank containers suitable for the transportation of chemicals, lubricants, lubricants’ additives, fuels’ additives and foodstuffs...

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Flexi Tanks
Flexi tank is an alternative way to transport non hazardous liquid products. Transnet uses reliable and tested flexi tanks fitted into 20’DVs by specially trained associates...
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Freight Forwarding
Our specialized personnel, in direct cooperation with our correspondents abroad, can guarantee the accuracy and safety of shipments' import/export...
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warehousing & distribution
Transnet S.A. operates within the most secure storage premises, fully technologically equipped and with innovative warehouse management systems. Also, Transnet S.A. offers a wide range of services for sorting, repackaging and labeling your products.
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