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Transnet S.A. is deeply committed to the health and safety of our employees and our communities and to managing the impact of our business activities on the environment and the sustainability of the ecosystem.

In particular Transnet S.A. is and will continue to:

  • Comply with relevant laws, regulations and other requirements to which our company is subject and take all additional measures considered necessary
  • Ensure that all the activities are conducted in a manner consistent with Transnet S.A. Safety, Security, Health & Environment standards as relevant to the nature, scale and impact of activities
  • Set challenging targets and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement in Safety, Security, Health & Environment performance
  • Require every member of the staff, and those who work on our behalf, to expertise personal responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, others and the environment and enable them to contribute to every aspect Safety, Security, Health & Environment protection
  • Provide appropriate Safety, Security, Health & Environmental training and information for all the staff
  • Provide appropriate Safety, Security, Health & Environmental information for all contractors and others who work with us, handle our orders and operate our means of transport
  • Communicate openly on the nature of our activities, encourage dialogue and report progress on our Safety, Security, Health & Environment performance
  • Regularly monitor the application of this Safety, Security, Health & Environment Policy
  • Encourage our related companies to adopt similar policies

Specific actions which Transnet S.A. has applied is respect to Safety, Security, Health & Environment are:

  • Allocate its volumes wherever possible, to combined transport which results save in fuel consumption, by following up closely MARKO POLO (Motor Sea Way) & BRAVO (Railway) programs both launched by the European Union
  • Monitor co-operators and subcontractors by questionnaires from were their Safety, Security, Health & Environment awareness is measured and tested with frequent auditing by our safety manager and his team
  • Frequently test the emergency response plan, which ensures its efficiency during actual conditions.
  • Provide our experience and personnel in workgroups for improvement of Safety, Security, Health & Environment in all levels of the supply chain, which are coordinated from valid organizations we enjoy membership
  • Follow up closely the evolution and progress of Responsible Care and Reach programs launched by CEFIC

With the guidance of our key customers and valid organizations who are pioneers in Safety, Security, Health & Environment issues we are improving further our policies and actions.