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Tank Containers

Our fleet

Transnet S.A. owns and also manages a modern fleet of tank containers suitable for the transportation of chemicals, lubricants, lubricants’ additives, fuels’ additives and food grade products. They have undergone all the tests required by the industry (drop tests, pressure tests etc) and are of the highest standards. The company’s owned tank containers are built in some of the best manufacturing plants of the world.

They are registered at the Bureau International des Containers and numbered under the prefix TRNU. In addition, Transnet SA offers it's customs a wide agent network oour fully certified equipment along with a variety of options regarding the transportation of bulk products guarantees a safe and reliable transportation service.

Tank benefits

Tank containers have gained a big part of the international liquid products’ transportation against drums due to the fact that they provide significant advantages in safety, cost and efficiency during the loading-unloading procedure and moving process.

Below are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Tank containers reduce pollution and cost by not being disposed after discharge, unlike drums
  • Tank containers are 40% more cost efficient in comparison with drums
  • They are constructed according to the highest and strictest standards and are much more reliable than drums
  • Tank containers are being tested every 2,5 years in order to be always fit for loading
  • Since they are made of stainless steel, they can withstand corrosion and extreme situations

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